About Us

OPTIX develops cutting-edge optics technology
and offers advanced solutions for the next-gen AR and VR products.

We identify problems, solve bottlenecks, and sell finished optical components off the shelf.

Our Technology

We dive deep into the underlying physical principles, materials, equipment, and fabrication processes to ensure high-quality standards and to deliver the best product to meet customers' extremely high expectations.

Our focus areas include

  • VR Pancake Optics (8K resolution and 115 field-of-view)
  • VR Module In-house Design and Fabrication Process
  • AR Waveguides: Geometric Waveguide, SRG Waveguide,
    VHG Waveguide
Our Funding

Founded in August 2022, we gained strong support with a $15 million commitment to date from world-leading investors including Primavera Venture Partners, Lanchi Ventures and Vlight Capital.

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